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In 1946, Bud and Mary Singleton, their 6 children, and a Cocker Spaniel named ‘Pal’,  started the first generation of the ‘Singleton Store’, originally called Newton’s Store, in Reading, VT.   They ran the store for 28 years until 1973 when they took a small hiatus from the grocery business for five years.   During those five years, Bud and Mary realized the need for a general store in the neighboring town of Proctorsville, VT.    In 1978, he bought 1.5 acres of land with frontage on Route 131 and another 1.5 acres to the west.  The store started out similar in size to the one in Reading, but soon branched out to 7500 sq. feet in response to requests from customers.


         Singletons in the 1980s                                                 Singletons in 1967

Tom Singleton joined the family business in 1976 and along with his brother, John, and Sheba, their Doberman Pincher, helped construct what is now Singleton’s General Store.  The new store opened in 1977.  The new location and changes in the economy brought about challenges, yet the good ‘ole’ fashioned service, quality products, and the genuine Singleton kindness helped the new business thrive.

At different times throughout the store’s history, all of the Singleton children contributed to the store, but only Tom remained to eventually take over the family business.  Tom and his wife, Linn, took over Singleton’s in 1999 when his father, Bud, decided it was time to retire from the grocery business.

Tom and Linn continue to carry on the family tradition of listening to customer feedback and have expanded the store to meet their clients’ needs. Linn has kept the clothing and footwear department up-to-date by bringing in new styles and brands to meet the seasons. We have an excellent sporting goods department which is reason enough to stop by and take a look.  Tom and Linn’s knowledge of the business can continually be seen through the continuing success of the store and it’s satisfied customers.  Our excellent employees are here ready to help you.

Tom and Linn continue to look for new ways to please their customers for years to come as  Singleton’s General Store  follows in Bud and Mary’s footsteps.